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2012 – Resolutions……Tragedy strikes…..

We all do it – we make useless resolutions we have every intention of fulfilling but no desire to actually commit beyond the month of January.  It’s a New Year trap and it’s alive and well.  So avoid the resolution rush and aim your efforts towards something that will last.  Record your 2011 best memories, for starters.  Collect the pictures, make an album, write a blog, do whatever you can to preserve the year.   And then make a plan to record 2012.

A teacher colleague was on his way to a wedding on Saturday and made a big mistake – he pulled out in front of a truck.  He died instantly, his wife is beyond critical.  One minute they were laughing together, the next second they weren’t.   LIfe is short.  Record yours.


Holidays are on the horizon.  That means that along with the excitement comes a certain amount of STRESS.  Sound right?   Besides planning menus, buying presents, and anticipating holiday trips, how about incorporating a REMEMBER WHEN segment for everyone to enjoy?  Involve hilarious/sentimental photos from the past that will immediately spark conversations.  Entice the oldest members to share some special family memories from ‘way back when’ and create a dialogue of fun.  Come on, IT’S  NOT  ALL  ABOUT  THE  FOOD!!   Food will make your jeans tighter.  GENES will make your mood lighter.  Wow, that should be on a sampler!!!   Have a family – inspired holiday.

This Is Your Life – Please Share!

Don’t you just love a book or movie that depicts a true-to-life situation with a twist, a heart-breaking scenario, and a happy ending? And suppose you actually KNEW the person whose life you just visited? What an indescribable thrill to be able to share an insight into someone’s life whom you admire and possibly love. Now, take that sensation and imagine your children, grandchildren, and yes, great-grandchildren reading the story of YOUR life, in YOUR words!!! Please, Nanas around the world, GIVE THIS GIFT. Share your life. Do it now. I did and I’m glad I did. Ask me how – I can help.

Grandparents – Step Up – Your legacy needed!

What would you give to have a handwritten diary or journal of your parent’s life – or your grandparents’?  Priceless, right?  What are you doing to ensure that your children and grandchildren will know about YOUR  life?  Forget all of those expensive presents you keep buying that leave no memories – WHAT?  you’re saying?  I’m a grandma – it’s in my job description!!   I used to think that but no longer.   Let’s join forces and leave our legacy to those we love.  I can help.  Check out     – I did it –  you can, too!!  Let’s be in touch   🙂


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